First phone call

What to expect when you call the first time

Photo by Blackzheep/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Blackzheep/iStock / Getty Images


We follow a standard procedure when you speak with us for the first time.

No fees are charged.

When you call, you will be put through to Richard Graham.

If Richard is not available, then:

  • he will send you a text message to set-up a time for a call back (if you leave a mobile number)
  • if you leave a landline, he will call you back the same day.
Photo by raywoo/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by raywoo/iStock / Getty Images


The purpose of the phone call is to:

  • briefly find out the nature of the dispute
  • find out the names of any other party, so that we can do a “conflict check”, to make sure we do not have a conflict of interest (for example, because we act for the other party)
  • provide you preliminary thoughts about the matter
  • let you know whether we think you should take legal advice
  • let you know about our fees, should you choose to make a time to meet with us
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Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images


We can only provide preliminary thoughts at this stage.

We will advise you whether you should take legal advice.

We do not provide legal advice, in the technical sense, during these conversations.

We would first need a more detailed understanding of the facts and to read / consider any relevant documents.

What we say during these calls cannot be acted upon as if it were legal advice.