Insurance claims

On a number of occasions during my career business clients of mine have engaged me to act for them in their dealings with their Insurer.

Example 1

My client commences a case to get an unpaid invoice paid.

The defendant responds by asserting that my client was negligent in some way. The defendant commences a counterclaim. The counterclaim triggers an indemnity by my client’s insurer.

My client wishes me to continue to be involved in the case to manage its relationship with the Insurer and ensure it still gets its invoice paid by the defendant.

Example 2

My client is sued. This lawsuit is covered by insurance.

The Insurer seeks to rely upon an exclusion in the insurance policy to avoid having to defend and/or make a payout to the other side.

My client engages me to liaise with the Insurer and potentially seek a Court order for the Court to determine whether the Insurer should be compelled to indemnify my client against the claim.