Photo by fstop123/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by fstop123/iStock / Getty Images

Worksafe prosecutions

Only 11 or 12 Worksafe prosecutions are commenced each year. This is despite Worksafe conducting 8,000+ investigations each year.

The detailed information is publicly available from these websites:


Over the last few years I have acted for employers who have been prosecuted. This includes in a workplace fatality case.

Having a lawyer who is experienced is important because:

  • this is a complex area of the law,
  • the penalties can be large.

The small number of prosecutions means only a relatively few lawyers have done this work before.

Also, if you are subject to a Worksafe investigation, you can engage me at the investigation stage to assist you when responding to, and dealing with, Worksafe's investigators.


The WA State Government has plans to increase the penalties for breaches of workers’ occupational health and safety laws. See the last few paragraphs in this article in The West Australian newspaper from 28 August 2017.